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Studio emergence is a design studio found by two architects, Seeja Sudhakaran and Khushbu Davda, with a penchant for geometry in design and Parametric Design Approach. We are a network of architects & designers specializing in algorithmic & parametric design strategies. We also have a research cell which wherein we collaborate with designers & artists from across the globe.



26MAY 2020

Nilaya- The Cliff House / Studio Emergence

Posted in Architecture - Houses by Studio Emergence | Tags: Cultural architecture, Exterior Design, Cliff house
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Project name: Nilaya, Indapur Status: Under Construction Nestled in a remote Hill in Indapur, Maharashtra, and this 12,000 sq.ft. House resonates the personality of the clients; an emulsion of traditional and contemporary values and ideas. The... read more >>
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17SEP 2018

Vortex (nightclub), Mumbai / Studio Emergence

Posted in Architecture - Interior design by Studio Emergence | Tags: @studioemergence, @vortexbandra, @studioblackisback
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Project – Vortex West Status: Constructed Vortex West is a one of a kind nightclub is located in the heart of Mumbai, off the linking road in Bandra. It sprawls across 2000 sq.ft. space and boasts a large dance floor and a bar. The desig... read more >>
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