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21JAN 2023

Creating Infinity" / Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton

Posted in Design - Interior design by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1476.1674306516.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_02.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306574.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_00.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306594.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_5.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306594.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_01.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306594.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_3.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306594.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_7.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306594.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_6.jpg

    • ./media/1.1476.1674306625.Yayoi Kusama e Louis Vuitton_10.jpg

E se Louis Vuitton vuole spingersi in ogni angolo del mondo con le sue attivazioni per comunicare questa collab, a Milano riapre le porte dell’ex Garage Traversi e ne fa la sua nuova dimora, nel cuore della città, a due passi da Piazza S... read more >>
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20MAY 2021

Milestone / 3d print house / Houben Van Mierlo

Posted in Design - Robotics by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520010.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-04.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520017.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-01.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520018.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-03.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520018.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-02.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520022.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-05.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke
    • ./media/1.1465.1621520022.3D-printed-home-Houben-Van-Mierlo-06.jpg

      Photo : Bart van Overbeeke

In collaboration with Van Wijnen, Eindhoven University of Technology and the municipality of Eindhoven, among others, the world's first habitable 3D concrete printed homes are being designed and realized in the Bosrijk neighborhood. In project ... read more >>
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15APR 2021

Livable's Well-Distance-Being Encourages People to Keep Their Distance / LIVABLE

Posted in Design - Fashion by * FORMAKERS
    • 405863975

    • ./media/1.1441.1587978757.w768q85_Well_distance_being_Livable_Platform_Sep_Verboom5.jpg

    • ./media/1.1441.1587978784.w768q85_Well_distance_being_Livable_Platform_Sep_Verboom10.jpg

A Livable Platform intervention for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - to help stop the spread of COVID-19 Well-distance-being means we should avoid physical interactions and spend more time over alternative solutions. If we do need to... read more >>
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21JAN 2021

Undulating + Futuristic, Meet the Mawj 3D Printed Chair / MEAN (Middle East Architecture Network)

Posted in Design - Furniture by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1455.1611228884.MEAN-Mawj-3D-Printed-Chair-12.jpg

    • ./media/1.1455.1611228888.MEAN-Mawj-3D-Printed-Chair-Photo-Luis-Filipe-2.jpg

    • ./media/1.1455.1611228888.MEAN-Mawj-3D-Printed-Chair-Photo-Luis-Filipe-4.jpg

    • ./media/1.1455.1611228888.MEAN-Mawj-3D-Printed-Chair-Photo-Luis-Filipe-5.jpg

    • 495116121


“Mawj” is the Arabic word for wave, reflecting the concept behind the design of this commissioned 3D printed chair by MEAN (Middle East Architecture Network). Designed by Riyad Joucka and inspired by the undulating waters of the Arabian S... read more >>
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11NOV 2020

Physx / Cosimo Scotucci

Posted in Design - Installations by Cosimo Scotucci | Tags: Distancing, Coronavirus, Social, Covid19, Physx, Architecture, Democracy, Resiliancy, Design, Future, Innovator, Installation
    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665559.CosimoScotucci_Physx (2).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665580.CosimoScotucci_Physx (3).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665588.CosimoScotucci_Physx (1).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665604.CosimoScotucci_Physx (4).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665604.CosimoScotucci_Physx (5).jpg

Since the Corona cases start to rise again in the Netherlands and all around the world, more strict social distancing measures should be taken. Till now all the proposed models are based on a static solution, circles on the grass, tape in the restaur... read more >>
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