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11NOV 2020

Physx / Cosimo Scotucci

Posted in Design - Installations by Cosimo Scotucci | Tags: Distancing, Coronavirus, Social, Covid19, Physx, Architecture, Democracy, Resiliancy, Design, Future, Innovator, Installation
    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665559.CosimoScotucci_Physx (2).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665580.CosimoScotucci_Physx (3).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665588.CosimoScotucci_Physx (1).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665604.CosimoScotucci_Physx (4).jpg

    • ./media/7528.1450.1599665604.CosimoScotucci_Physx (5).jpg

Since the Corona cases start to rise again in the Netherlands and all around the world, more strict social distancing measures should be taken. Till now all the proposed models are based on a static solution, circles on the grass, tape in the restaur... read more >>
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11MAR 2016

The memorial gate / Giuseppe Vultaggio

Posted in Architecture - Installation by Giuseppe Vultaggio | Tags: Cultural, Architecture, Design, Bologna, Memorial
    • ./media/66.1272.1434008576.05_LEV5380.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008605.16S11B21_A3 FORMAT.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008627.01_muro Model (1).jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008658.02_Panoramica_5490.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008670.03_Panoramica_5408.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008687.04_persp-04.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008701.06_Panoramica_5216.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008726.07_Panoramica_5546bis.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008742.08_LEV5743.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008758.09_Panoramica_5513.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008786.memory inspiration concept.jpg

The composition process to design a monument for Holocaust victims is inspired by disposition of commemorative plates housed in the floor of the Jewish area in Rome. The road surface is made from a homogeneous texture of cobblestones arranged accor... read more >>
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31MAR 2012

Intricated Wall / Moucharabieh / Gil Burban

Posted in Design - Design by Gil Burban | Tags: Mathematic, Implicit surface, Design
    • ./media/79.263.1332319732.PANEL IMPLICIT 1-0 NIGHT VUE A.jpg

      Gil Burban
    • ./media/79.263.1332319758.PANEL IMPLICIT 1-0 COLOR VUE B.jpg

      Gil Burban
    • ./media/79.263.1332319800.PANEL IMPLICIT 6-0 COLOR VUE A.jpg

      Gil Burban
    • ./media/79.263.1332319827.PANEL IMPLICIT 6-0 COLOR VUE B.jpg

      Gil Burban

Its a set of parametric panels built with mathematical implicit surfaces. It forms a volumetric structure where the opening parameter can be controlled. It can be used to build moucharabieh, sunscreens or acoustic panels.... read more >>
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25JAN 2012

Plasti(K) Pavilion / Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY

Posted in Architecture - Pavilion by * FORMAKERS [ GM ] | Tags: Parametric, Computational, Pavilion, Architecture, Design
    • ./media/17.74.1327911700.110513stlouisapstvmsjpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911715.186pstvmsjpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911721.clustergrass002pstvmsjpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911735.7164jpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911745.721et4jpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911762.mg4888pstvmsjpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
    • ./media/17.74.1327911773.mg4966pstvmsjpg.jpg

      Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY

The Plasti(K) pavilion is yet another great piece of work by Marc Fornes (THEVERYMANY) that explores the emergent fields of computational design and digital fabrication. The form of the Plasti(K) pavilion was generated via an iterative, algorithm... read more >>
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