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I’m an architect, artist, innovator, future driven thinker, I do ultimately consider myself a tomorrow’s maker. Through my work I want to contribute to a better, more democratic, resilient World. The very first question I ask to myself is: “if we changed the ecosystems around us without the purpose to do so, what can we do if we have the intention?”. I do believe in the design, and its ability to completely subvert our daily reality, in functional scientific fiction, and the ability to imagine a better future in people, and in their ability to change and define new and better societies. Throughout pioneering ideas I aim to trigger the imagination of a new World.



11NOV 2020

Physx / Cosimo Scotucci

Posted in Design - Installations by Cosimo Scotucci | Tags: Distancing, Coronavirus, Social, Covid19, Physx, Architecture, Democracy, Resiliancy, Design, Future, Innovator, Installation
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Since the Corona cases start to rise again in the Netherlands and all around the world, more strict social distancing measures should be taken. Till now all the proposed models are based on a static solution, circles on the grass, tape in the restaur... read more >>
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