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11MAR 2016

The memorial gate / Giuseppe Vultaggio

Posted in Architecture - Installation by Giuseppe Vultaggio | Tags: Cultural, Architecture, Design, Bologna, Memorial
    • ./media/66.1272.1434008576.05_LEV5380.jpg

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    • ./media/66.1272.1434008627.01_muro Model (1).jpg

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    • ./media/66.1272.1434008687.04_persp-04.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008701.06_Panoramica_5216.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008726.07_Panoramica_5546bis.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008742.08_LEV5743.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008758.09_Panoramica_5513.jpg

    • ./media/66.1272.1434008786.memory inspiration concept.jpg

The composition process to design a monument for Holocaust victims is inspired by disposition of commemorative plates housed in the floor of the Jewish area in Rome. The road surface is made from a homogeneous texture of cobblestones arranged accor... read more >>
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