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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

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20NOV 2019

‘Little Island’ New York - Work in Progress / Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

Posted in Architecture - Landscape by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1437.1574247706.Screen_Shot_2019_11_13_at_12.41.43_PM.png

    • ./media/1.1437.1574247817.7.png

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248251.Pier-55-Hudson-River-Park-NYC-190915113131005.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248263.07_View_of_Southern_space_looking_north_from_Gansevoort_Peninsula-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248269.02_View_of_Pier_55_in_the_context_of_the_west_side-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248274.03_Aerial_View-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248295.02_summer_SMALL-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248296.03_fall_SMALL-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248296.03_winter_SMALL-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248296.Workshop_03_Landscape_Slides_Page_27-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248297.04_summer_SMALL-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248297.Workshop_04_Planting_slides_Page_23-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

    • ./media/1.1437.1574248297.06_Stairs-1400-xxx_q85.jpg

MNLA is collaborating with Heatherwick Studio to design Little Island (formerly Pier 55), a dramatic 2.4-acre public park and performance space in the Hudson River. Conceived as a leaf floating in the water, the pier contains unexpected topography th... read more >>
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24JUL 2019

Hunan Slurp / New Practice Studio

Posted in Architecture - Restaurants by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1436.1563967096.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-100_F.jpg

    • ./media/1.1436.1563967100.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-159_F.jpg

    • ./media/1.1436.1563967100.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-138-Panorámica_F.jpg

    • ./media/1.1436.1563967100.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-209_F.jpg

    • ./media/1.1436.1563967101.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-264-Panorámica_F (1).jpg

    • ./media/1.1436.1563967101.180529_MZ_New-Practice-Studio_Noodles-Slurp-Noodles-264-Panorámica_F.jpg

Hunan Province in Southern China is famed for its cuisine, which is deeply rooted in Hunan people’s customs and identity. Drawing on this heritage, Hunan Slurp in New York is named for the everyday meal of Hunan people and the satisfying sound ... read more >>
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02JUL 2019

Shift Souls / Iris Van Herpen

Posted in Design - Fashion by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1433.1562060491.maxresdefault.jpg

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060495.irisvanherpen.com3_-1024x682.jpg

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060501.iris_vam_herpen_01.jpg

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060502.WTVOX-Iris-Shift-Souls-2019-1150x567.jpg

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060503.maxresdefault_00.jpg

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060503.maxresdefault_01.jpg

    • xwJb0-20Ad4

    • ./media/1.1433.1562060525.iris.jpg

Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen, is probably one of the most influential designers when it comes to mixing fashion and 3D printing. Many of her collections include 3D printed elements, from dresses to accessories. This time, the designer unveiled 3D ... read more >>
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04JUN 2019

Flying-V plane / KLM

Posted in University / Research - University / Research by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1432.1559630666.http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_190603115307-03-flying-v.jpg

    • ./media/1.1432.1559630670.190603100140-klm-tu-delft-flying-v.jpg

    • ./media/1.1432.1559630670.190603111334-01-flying-v.jpg

    • ./media/1.1432.1559630734.KLM en TU Delft vliegen in een v om brandstof te besparen.jpg

(CNN) — The development of a V-shaped, fuel-efficient airplane design known as the Flying-V is getting a boost with the announcement that Dutch national carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will help to fund it. Intended to improve the sustainabil... read more >>
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03JUN 2019

THE ALATO CABINET / Jumphol Socharoentham and Pakawat Vijaykadga

Posted in Design - Furniture by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1420.1552647284.alato-cabinet-gessato-1.jpg

    • ./media/1.1420.1552647287.alato-cabinet-gessato-2.jpg

    • ./media/1.1420.1552647291.alato-cabinet-gessato-3.jpg

    • ./media/1.1420.1552647294.01-alato-cabinet-gessato-3.jpg

    • ./media/1.1420.1552647297.alato-cabinet-gessato-4.jpg

    • ./media/1.1420.1552647300.alato-cabinet-gessato-5.jpg

Creative and beautifully made, the Alato Cabinet makes a lasting impression with its striking design that features both refined artistic accents and organic details. Students Jumphol Socharoentham and Pakawat Vijaykadga created this cabinet prototype... read more >>
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