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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

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30MAY 2020


Posted in Design - Furniture by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1442.1587979323.04-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979332.01-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979333.03-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979333.02-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979334.06-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979335.08-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979336.11-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979337.12-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979337.05-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979337.07-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979338.13-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

    • ./media/1.1442.1587979339.15-paper_furniture_yankodesign.jpg

When you think of furniture, you think of pieces made using the most traditional materials. We are conditioned to associate furniture primarily with wood, plastic, and metal so when we see products made from anything else it leaves us in awe. Vadim K... read more >>
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27MAY 2020

Visura Catastale online / RICHIEDI ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Posted in I nostri Servizi / Our Services - Visura Catastale by * FORMAKERS | Tags: Catasto, Visure, Visurecatastali
    • ./media/1.1447.1590563212.Visura-catastale-per-Indirizzo-extra-big-126-551.jpg

    • ./media/1.1447.1590565804.visura-catastale-per-soggetto-visureitalia-1024x492.jpg

    • ./media/1.1447.1590565804.visure-catastali.jpg

Visura Catastale La Visura Catastale rappresenta la documentazione ufficiale prelevata dal Catasto e contiene tutte le informazioni attinenti un immobile. Riguarda sia un Terreno, un Appartamento, un Box Auto, un locale Commerciale, un magazzi... read more >>
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18MAY 2020

Softstone / SETUP Architecture Studio

Posted in Architecture - Office Buildings by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829771.C782BFA9-557C-406B-A665-3EC987B10F51.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829784.BC086D41-5DBD-472E-9FEC-C26EA9E7D688.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829784.942678DA-7720-4FD1-8CDC-78B388BA9022.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829784.E15A9EAE-96BC-498E-A7EE-20023FFD7C86.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829784.CE189751-3403-4075-86C2-68B83887BBF5.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829784.A5D28DA6-2636-4731-AF21-63D61D55887A.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829785.AFE42EFF-B3F4-48E6-84E1-7812C32FD419.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829785.EF7D8A03-D137-4EA8-86E8-C4329BE5D0E0.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829785.83BFC445-B36C-4358-A2DF-ADB34F0685A9.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff
    • ./media/1.1446.1589829785.40C686C2-C591-4452-A67E-BFBB36B3BB27.jpeg

      image © Parham Taghioff

Softstone is a mid-rise building located in the city center of a developing metropolitan area. Urban densification and land-use changes are resulting in proximities of existing low-rise residential blocks with mid to high-rise offices or commercials.... read more >>
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13MAY 2020

Plex’Eat / Christophe Gernigon

Posted in Architecture - Restaurants by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1445.1589395867.7731BC7A-5F2B-4B29-B264-FECF1DD55A2A.jpeg

    • ./media/1.1445.1589395867.8DADA30A-4A4F-44AF-9701-8BB5FBA2218D.jpeg

    • ./media/1.1445.1589395922.0A6E4EA0-B798-41B0-9517-B983D467604E.jpeg

I designer si stanno mettendo in moto in tutto il mondo per cercare soluzioni utili a creare distanziamento sociale con oggetti che non sia delle devastanti lastre di plexiglass. Dopo le serre sui canali di Amsterdam, è la volta di Christop... read more >>
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28APR 2020

Israeli Student Designs Cutting-Edge Protective Mask With Disinfecting Case / Yael Mordechay

Posted in Design - Fashion by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1444.1588065746.Designer-Mask-for-Coronvirus-Bezalel-Academy-880x495.jpg

    • ./media/1.1444.1588065750.IMG_9934-300x480.jpg

    • ./media/1.1444.1588065756.Israeli-Masks.png

With the demand for protective masks drastically increasing amid the coronavirus pandemic, an Israeli art student has designed something along those lines that makes life a bit more colorful right now. As part of her first semester studio project ... read more >>
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