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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

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10APR 2019


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    • ./media/1.1425.1554884758.ALGORITHMIC LACE.jpg

    • ./media/1.1425.1554884765.ALGORITHMIC LACE_01.jpg

    • ./media/1.1425.1554884765.ALGORITHMIC LACE_03.jpg

    • ./media/1.1425.1554884766.ALGORITHMIC LACE_02.jpg

Lexus Design Award 2019's elite judging panel selected "Algorithmic Lace" by Lisa Marks as this year's Grand Prix winner. The prototype showcases Lexus' desire to leverage design that contributes to a better tomorrow and pass... read more >>
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05APR 2019

Cos - Milan Design Week - Conifera / Arthur Mamou-Mani

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    • ./media/1.1424.1554883942.56425645_2542712735799152_1559914538311090176_o.jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554883943.56372135_2542712765799149_2753822894348828672_o.jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554883943.56408569_2542712795799146_2664342018150367232_o (1).jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554883943.56571246_2542712919132467_4447654092042403840_o.jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554455683.COS-x-Mamou-Mani--milano design week_01.jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554455687.COS-x-Mamou-Mani--milano design week_10.jpg

    • ./media/1.1424.1554455691.COS-x-Mamou-Mani--milano design week_02.jpg

COS is pleased to introduce Conifera, a large-scale 3D printed architectural installation made from renewable resources by London-based French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and his eponymous studio. The site-specific work, situated in Milan’s 16t... read more >>
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16MAR 2019

National Coin (Nuova Zecca dello stato italiano) / Atelier Femia

Posted in Architecture - Institutional by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1422.1552716738.D886B37E-46BD-4686-97E8-12184313FE88.jpeg

      Copyright AF517 & Diorama
    • ./media/1.1422.1552716747.7E30E2FE-9C65-4FDC-A58C-DE736C96D3F5.jpeg

      Copyright AF517 & Diorama

Femia atelier wins the international redevelopment and recovery competition for the italian national Coin ( zecca dello stato)... read more >>
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15MAR 2019

The Guest House / Paul Kaloustian

Posted in Architecture - Cultural by * FORMAKERS
    • ./media/1.1418.1552641412.GUEST HOUSE- entrance- photo Paul Kaloustian Studio.jpg

    • ./media/1.1418.1552641419.GUEST HOUSE- lobby- photo Paul Kaloustian Studio.jpg

    • ./media/1.1418.1552641439.GUEST HOUSE- dining 2.jpg

    • ./media/1.1418.1552641439.GUEST HOUSE- lobby dining.jpg

    • ./media/1.1418.1552641497.GUEST HOUSE- hall- photo Paul Kaloustian Studio.jpg

The Guest House is part of the Smart Campus, located in the village of Debet, northern province Lori in Armenia. The SMART campus is a vessel for empowerment to anchor the Armenian youth in their ancestral lands where they can live prosperous lives.... read more >>
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14MAR 2019

Schlossgarten Residential Complex / Marx/Ladurner Architekten

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    • ./media/1.1417.1552580562.formakers_00.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580571.formakers_esterno.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580584.formakers_02.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580585.formakers_03.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580586.formakers_034r.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580603.formakers_r.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580603.formakers_034.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580605.formakers_interni.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580616.Section.jpg

    • ./media/1.1417.1552580616.plan.jpg

The construction site is located in the core area of Schlanders, where stately homes and farmhouses stay side by side, while modern buildings have filled up the open spaces in between. The architectural duo Stephan Marx and Elke Ladurner were commiss... read more >>
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