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24JUL 2019

Iconic Mosque at Dubai Creek Harbor / Aghyad Almouayad

Posted in Architecture - Religious by Aghyad Almouayad | Tags: Mosque, Iconic Mosque at Dubai Creek Harbor, Iconic mosque, Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbor, AlMouayad
    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455023.01.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455043.02.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455013.03.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455045.04.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455061.05 Site Plan.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455105.06 GF plan.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455061.07 First Floor.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455094.11 Site Section.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455257.12 landscape & Consept.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455148.14 The Axis of Al Khor Tower Park.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455132.13 Stay Away From Routine.jpg

    • ./media/5780.1435.1563455143.15 Finall.jpg

The project is a proposed design for Iconic mosque to be built at Dubai Creek Harbor site in a competition launched by Emaar... read more >>
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08FEB 2013

Mosque Amir Al-Momenin / CAAT Architecture Studio

Posted in Architecture - Religious by * FORMAKERS | Tags: Mosque, Tehran, CAAT Architecture Studio
    • ./media/1.678.1360081327.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_01.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081342.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_03.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081342.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_02.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081345.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_04.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081346.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_05.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081351.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_06.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081353.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_07.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081356.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_08.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081358.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_09.jpg

    • ./media/1.678.1360081360.CAAT Architecture Studio_recity_magazine_10.jpg

Focusing on local architecture, the proposal for the Mosque (Amir Al- Momenin) by CAAT Architecture Studio detaches from everyday life and the approach to worship space in accessing the building. The integrated entity of the proposal plays its role a... read more >>
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