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Margot Krasojevic was raised in London, Serbia and Russia. Margot has an architecture design studio in London and Beijing; projects commissioned include a pop-up airport/airstrip hotel in Doha- The Jetway, which is a new building typology featured as part of Virgin Airways Disruptors. A series of projects followed focusing on renewable energy and sustainable architecture, including The Hydroelectric prison in Canada, The Spillway pavilion in Paris, The Hydro-electric Tidal House in Cape Town, The water purifying footbridge in Amsterdam and the Suspended Hotel Campsite in Provence to name a few. She began running an undergraduate architecture design studio at The University of Greenwich and The Bartlett, U.C.L. Having worked for Zaha Hadid and NOX she opened her own research design studio, Decodeine, in 2000. Prior to which she was awarded a postgraduate diploma from the A.A. Completing her academic studies at U.C.L. Margot lectured worldwide running seminars and design studios in advanced digital design in architecture at Washington University, St.Louis; Berkley school of architecture University of California; Austin Texas; University of Western Australia, Perth; Architectural Association, London; Harvard G.S.D and University of Sheffield. Published two monographs entitled Floating Realities, Spatial Pathologies and Dynamics & De-realisation with Springer and most recently contributed to Harvard Press Lebbeus Woods Unbound. Margot's academic, theoretical and practical deign approach focuses on encouraging cross-disciplinary dialogue to re-evaluate existing building typologies in light of environmental, social and technological change; By harnessing renewable energy to generate electricity endorses a sustainable environment and raises questions of appropriating the built environment and the ever-evolving role of architecture. With depleting levels of non-renewable resources, attempting to harness renewable energy as an inherent part of the design strategy should be a requirement; a synthesis between large scale infrastructures, environmental, hydraulic, marine and hydrokinetic engineering and technology is important to learn how to re-appropriate and define inhabitable space as the way in which we live is changing at a much faster rate. We need to adapt and this will involve new environments to claim.



22DEC 2018

Dynamic Seismic Hotel / MARGOT KRASOJEVIC

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    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922003.finalfinal2 recover plan water trays 2ac.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922023.FINALFINAL2 RECOVER2A CAMERA 98.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922024.finalfinal2 recover plan water trays 1.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922034.finalfinal2 recover2a camera88A copy.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922042.plan tremor anotated copy 2section copy.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922042.finalfinal2recover2a camera 80a.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922049.plan tremor anotated copy 2section.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922050.plan tremor anotated copy short section.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922066.finalfinal2recover2a camera82 copy1.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922075.seismic frame sequence 3.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922091.seismic damper.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922092.sequence STRUCTURE 1 people.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922115.zoning diagrams sectionsd copy.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922124.seismic frame sequence.jpg

    • ./media/3706.1322.1481922124.WIREFRAME CAMERA 85.jpg

Dynamic Seismic Hotel Naples, Italy The hotel's design and programmatic criteria involve the effects of earthquakes, tremors and dislocations in the immediate environment. Italy has a long history of earthquakes and they are increasing in frequ... read more >>
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