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BUILDINGS FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE WHERE THEY LIVE. M-Rad is an award-winning design studio that looks to re-conceptualize architecture and design through social and environmental research. The studio is dedicated to exploring authentic solutions with clients that are interested in redefining the architectural style of our time. We provide bespoke solutions to problems that are universal.

02NOV 2012

Fresh Hills / Matthew Rosenberg

Posted in Architecture - Architecture by Matthew | Tags: LAGI, NYC Competition, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Freshkills
    • ./media/128.626.1351735793.FH Aerial.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736077.FH Manhattan Skyline.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736087.FH Freshkills Windrose.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736094.FH Freshkills Graft.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736099.FH Freshkills Graft Web.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736109.FH Extendsion.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736123.FH Windflow.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736130.FH Electrical Path.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736143.FH Kayak View.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736173.FH Winter Panoramic.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736222.FH Vistas.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736728.FH Sections.jpg

    • ./media/128.626.1351736742.FH Site Plan.jpg

As we approach Fresh Hills the undulating mounds appear to be natural elements growing from the earth. The closer we get, however, it is clear this structure, like the mounds below it, are not native to the recently capped Fresh Kills landfill site. ... read more >>
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22MAY 2012

Casa Roll / MRad: Matthew Rosenberg

Posted in Architecture - Housing by Matthew
    • ./media/128.379.1337482621.N half-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482623.NW Eye Level 2-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/1.379.1337580465.recity.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482630.SW Persp 2_crop-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482634.SW Eye Level-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482648.N far.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482788.INT B-3-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg
    • ./media/128.379.1337482790.E Int-sm.jpg

      MRad: Matthew Rosenberg

The Casa Roll or Roll House is a study in architectural history spanning two ideological archetypes; that of the infamous Glass House and it's relationship to the A-Frame structure. It looks at the transition periods between those two models for... read more >>
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