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23MAY 2012

Serbia: Mikser festival 2012 / Savamala_Beograd

Posted in Workshops / Events - Events by Tanja | Tags: Serbia, Festival, Industry, Community, Education, Music
    • ./media/1.383.1337755598.recitymagazine_MIKSER FESTIVAL 2012 _SAVAMALA _BEOGRAD.jpg

      Mikser festival 2012
    • ./media/135.383.1337720532.project_moe.jpg

      Mikser festival 2012
    • ./media/1.383.1337755977.recitymagazine_MIKSER FESTIVAL 2012 _SAVAMALA _BEOGRAD-.jpg

    • ./media/1.383.1337755990.recitymagazine_MIKSER FESTIVAL 2012 _SAVAMALA _BEOGRAD_.jpg

    • ./media/135.383.1337720602.mm_checkman.jpg

      Mikser festival 2012

MIKSER is a multidisciplinary platform which centres around the affirmation of cultural industry of the Balkans and the organization of the biggest regional festival of creative arts. It is well known that with the development of explosive projects... read more >>
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