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25MAY 2013

Sejong Art Center / DMP Partners

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Designed by DMP Partners, their winning proposal for the Sejong Art Center (SAC) is composed of two theaters, a main theater with more than 800 seats, a medium sized theater with 300 seats, a film theater with 250 seats, and an art gallery. Located in the international cultural area between nature-scape and urban-scape, the building combines nature and city through its straight, linear shape.

© DMP Partners
This form is applied in accordance with the city and its curvature shape is in accordance with nature to create a comfortable feeling. More images and architects’ description after the break.

© DMP Partners
The building is designed for various performing arts such as musical, ballet, dancing and etc. The grand hall and two theaters are facing to the central park and there is open space of magnificent energy people can feel.

© DMP Partners
It is originated from the nature (Central Park, Geum-gang (river) and Guewha-san (mountain)), and transforms into performing arts when it meets the urban.The main theater of Sejong Art Center provides best sound quality to the audience by using SAR(Source Selective Absorption & Reflection) Structure wall and which is able to hold the performing arts wide range from normal type such as musical, opera and contemporary music to cross over performance.Urban+Plaza-scape Avenue park, located in the north area, Public square ‘Arrival plaza’ and cinema located in south area, is the most important place in city.

© DMP Partners
There is open space to have fine view to the sky and landscape, where is joined end point of city and starting point of nature. Café is a part of the plaza and the resting space under the roof shadow.

© DMP Partners
Architecture-scape There is Main entrance at the end of the passage between two theaters and visitors have open view to the central park. After entering into the SAC, visitors arrive Grand hall in-between halls of two theaters, which is connected with outdoor space through entrance and parking space on B1 level.

© DMP Partners
Grand hall, Grand step and Hall of Main Theater are public space for citizens holding small event even though there is no performance.Theater-scape A three dimensional wall design gives best quality for sound and aesthetic. Specially, an amplified case, which needs large power speaker, that acoustic drapery and acoustic trap control reflected sound.

© DMP Partners
Also lighting fixture and many type of equipments hidden inside of wall to make beauty and tidy.Ground-scape , Public-scape The space where is connecting theatre to waterside going to be meaningful place for Sejong city.

© DMP Partners
This place will be very last place for public journey, where is started from public square and cinema to move through history park and public space. This journey is for everyone who comes to visit to sejong art centre.

© DMP Partners

Naseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Design team:
Architects: DMP Partners (designcamp moonpark) – Seunghong Park, Hokeun Oh
Project Architect: Seungchul Han, Sehwan Park
Project Manager: Jongin Park
Project Team: Hyekyung Ju, HanJin Yoon, Sungwoo Moon, Junghyuk Seo, Sanghwan Jung, Junghwa Lee, Seungheon Kim, Minkyung Kim, Jinho Kim
Acoustics: ad&c
Structural Engineer: I’ST
Mechanical Engineer: HIMEC
Electricity / Telecommunication: Jung Woo Eng.
Civil Engineer: Daekyo E&C
CG: 201 studio
Editorial Design: Godo Design
Architectural Model: Daerim
Total Floor Area: 15,360m2 (Gross)
Site Area: 43,493 m2



December 2012 – March 2013

© DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners © DMP Partners


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