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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

24JAN 2012

Pallone / Leolux

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Humour and design, an indestructible combination.

© Leolux
Distinguished by various prizes, a Leolux classic originally designed for the “house of the future”.

© Leolux
Although the image is even now still futuristic, twenty years later it is completely understandable and above all humorous at the same time.

© Leolux
With today’s comfort and a luxury finish, neutral or colourful.

© Leolux
Simply create your own Pallone with the special online configurator.

© Leolux

© Leolux

© Leolux © Leolux © Leolux © Leolux © Leolux © Leolux


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