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12FEB 2013

Scott Street Apartments Brisbane / Jackson Teece Architecture

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Conceptual framework The design responds to the sub-tropical climate, riverside environment and neighbouring heritage buildings to create a luxury residential building that embodies a distinct sense of place.Relationship of Built Form to Context / Public and Cultural Benefits A thorough analysis of the site context informed the design.

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The building is conceived as part of a masterplan that balances the needs of private and public stakeholders. One of the key concerns was the relationship between the proposed building and the heritage-listed Silverwells residences at the northern end of the site.

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By concentrating the building footprint in the south end of the site, a dynamic public space was created between the two buildings. This enlivens the streetscape by providing clear views and pedestrian access to Kangaroo Point.

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On an urban scale the project marks the entrance to Main Street and the southern approach to the Storey Bridge. At ground level the project provides an important link between the waterfront walkways on either side of Kangaroo Point and responds to a future pedestrian bridge identified by the local goverment plan.

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The architectural form references the winding path and native ecology of the Brisbane River, as reflected in the precast concrete screen on the eastern facade. Inspired by nearby mangroves and melaleuca forests, this element serves a dual purpose.

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On a practical level it provides thermal protection and visual privacy to rooms overlooking the Bradfield Highway. On a more symbolic note, it creates a unique identity that anchors the building to its riverside site.Sustainability All glazing is low shading co-efficient glass with double glazing for acoustic privacy.

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Solar protection is provided to all northern and eastern glazing and the principle western view is protected from the late afternoon sun by a cantilevered blind. Natural ventilation is encouraged through the provision of an automated control system.

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Balconies are protected from inclement weather by operable glass louvres. Thermal comfort is ensured by the provision of insulation in external walls.

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Response to Client and User needs Jackson Teece worked closely with Waterford Properties to provide a distinctive building that reflects its riverside setting. Several designs were tested before arriving at the final mix of twelve whole floor apartments, one three-storey villa and one double-storey penthouse.

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The interior design, also by Jackson Teece, combines the formality of a grand house with relaxed subtropical apartment living. Whole floor apartments create a diversity of public and private space, with sliding screens allowing flexible partitioning of interiors.

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Brisbane, Australia

Design team:
Project name: Scott Street Apartments
Architects: Jackson Teece Architecture
Design Architect: Damian Barker
Project Architect: Daniel Hudson
Interior Director: Paul Brace
Industrial Design: Andrew Tesoriero

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