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05NOV 2012

Fabian Oefner / Millefiori

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Captured by Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner in his project Millefiori, the iron particles start to rearrange, forming black channels and separating the watercolours from the ferrofluid, creating these technicolour structures that look like psychedelic planets or trippy cells under a microscope.

© Fabian Oefner
This is just one project out of many of Fabian’s that colourfully and dramatically encapsulate split-second reactions to give them this feeling of importance and preciousness.

© Fabian Oefner
Here to tell us more about why he’s drawn to these kinds of projects is Fabian himself… The shapes, you see in these image are about the size of a thumbnail. They are created by mixing ferrofluid with water color and putting it into a magnetic field.

© Fabian Oefner
Ferrofluid is a magnetic solution with a viscosity similar to motor oil.

© Fabian Oefner
When put under a magnetic field, the iron particles in the solution start to rearrange, forming the black channels and separating the water colors from the ferrofluid.

© Fabian Oefner
The result are these peculiar looking structures..

© Fabian Oefner

Design team:
Fabian Oefner



© Fabian Oefner © Fabian Oefner © Fabian Oefner © Fabian Oefner © Fabian Oefner © Fabian Oefner


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