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22OCT 2012

Haute Contour / Aref Maksoud (MAGLAB)

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Haute Contour is one of MAGLAB researches work towards new cybernetic Biodigital design.

Haut contour fashion draws upon a new spatial morphology, moving in a strongly 3-dimensional domain, built as a liquid fluid sculptures of one famous sculptor , or the parametric architecture (or design) of Zaha Hadid, which repudiates all traditional geometric figures.

I didn’t think in designing just dress or shawl but I thought also to design a unique space, beautiful form.

This idea is then the generator for the design process.

The result is an output that uses the computation process to be the means of form finding through a set of parameters inputted by through our research.

Our bodies are always the structure on which garments are draped, but here the garment is not just resting on us, the structural aspect achieved by distributing the weight of the dress between the shoulders and the breast.

In this research I attempt to investigate possibilities and potentialities of advanced digital design techniques in the realm of fashion design.

We worked on the relation between body and three dimensional artifact, between complexity and recognition, deepening the potentialities of digital Tools, 3d drawing and Morphodynamic techniques.


Using the parametric modeling and laser cutting to create “fluidity Skin“ dress.

The project is an exploration and research of the bridge between fashion and architecture, though the body fluidity contouring involved in the research seems to owe more to geographical techniques and the individuality of human topography.

Firstly, we modeled the body and studied our scripting to pour a fluidity fractals over the body with deferent density and parameters according to the places on the body which we want to cover, after we used a projector light to trace the real model body’s landscape, defining the line and form of different persons and positions according to its own distinctive pattern, as projected in different topography and positions.

Through this process, the achieved skin allows to take control in creating the bespoke contour pattern, through articulation and expression of their desired body movements.

Then, through the use of Parametric modeling, our experimental fluidity script was done and we a topography displacement form was read, body contour lines created over the selected dress ”fluidity form” and created the new skin then laser cut to form the ‘second skin’ or the dress.

The fluidity skin at each frame was recorded over the body; a second skin was generated as a representation of it through contours and translating it from organic curvature form to geometrical contoured one.

As body movement is articulated through space and time, the body becomes a landscape in which each contour defines the extension of our physicality; the second skin became the final dress and ready-to-wear.


Design team:
M.Arch.Aref Maksoud
MAGLAB Director, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates– United States) in Middle East,
Visitor professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design
AIU "Arab International University", Syria
Assistant professor of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq - UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain

Makeup Art By: MAGLAB Makeup Artist Sarab Rikabi”Art and stage makeup artist / Milano, Italy.

Photography – Graphic Design: Ahmad Kattan “MAGLAB Trainee” AIU "Arab International University",

Fashion model : Mira



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