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09SEP 2012

Crystallographica / Irina Shaposhnikova

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Many thanks to Irina for providing these images of her awesome collection inspired by geological formation of crystals and mineral. The Crystallographica collection consists of garments with strong geometrical folds and sharp facets which accentuate the anatomy of a female body.

© Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures
Delicate fabrics of wool, silk organza and cotton are fused with plastic and high-tech fabrics to further create striking, powerful silhouettes.Irina Shaposhnikova was born in Moscow, Russia.

© Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures
At age 16 Shaposhnikova worked in her father’s sewing atelier where she learned about fabrics, materials, garments and how to stitch them. During her time ther Shaposhnikova quickly discovered her aspiration for fashion design.

© Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures
In 2008 Shaposhnikova obtained her BA in Fashion Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and later that year her work was featured in Vogue (Russia). She continued on to obtain her MA in Fashion Design one year later.

© Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures


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© Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures © Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures © Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures © Etienne Tordoir/Catwalkpictures


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