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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

15AUG 2012

Constructive Geometry Pavilion Investigates Dome Structures / Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto

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The Constructive Geometry Pavilion is an investigation of dome structures through use of computational design processes.

© University of Porto
Designed and constructed by the students of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, the structure is made of corrugated cardboard. It is a demonstration of using computational design tools to conceive and materialize geometrically adaptive design solutions, by exploring mass-customization logics and intensive collective collaboration.

© University of Porto
The honeycomb structure with the inside covered by perforated panels has a total of 185 hexagon cells and 185 panels, organized in 21 parts for prefabrication. Each part was assigned to a group of 2 students, who became responsible for the digital flattening fabrication of the individual pieces, and their assembly.

© University of Porto
Given that it was not possible to use digital fabrication equipment, an alternative method was deployed – the contours were plotted and then cut by hand in the corrugated cardboard panels. This process took two days and a half to be completed.

© University of Porto
The pavilion was a preview for a definitive installation which will be constructed in September, during the official opening of the 2012/13 academic year. Aligned with similar initiatives taking place in some other international schools, the Constructive Geometry Pavilion reinforces the position FAUP at the forefront of the teaching and research on digital technologies in architecture in Portugal.

© University of Porto



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