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21JAN 2012

DUCTPAN / Kawamura Ganjavian

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DUCTPAN is not a standard dustpan; it includes an ingenious funnel duct to simplify the process of emptying it out. But that task is more difficult to empty the collector remains in a dumpster.

© kawamura-ganjavian
There have been countless times I had to go back to sweep because in some way or another, I always end up pulling back to the floor that I have collected with the broom. I really hate sweeping. Mine, mine is mopping, for that if I am good to use as ground active meditation practice, but if it gives me sweep the tip of the cornea.

© kawamura-ganjavian
But maybe my relationship with the art of scanning may change now that she found a collector that has been designed in a functional and an ideal way to keep people like me give up in housework as a result of poor design. The collector called "Ductpan" has come into existence thanks to the creativity of design and architecture firm "Kawamura-Ganjavian" . In contrast to the traditional model, this has been integrated into the handle, a funnel which greatly facilitates the disposal of waste.

© kawamura-ganjavian

© kawamura-ganjavian © kawamura-ganjavian © kawamura-ganjavian


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