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10JUN 2012

OWEN / tacklebox architecture

Posted in Architecture - Interior design by Romina Carpentieri

Designed by new york-basedarchitect jeremy barbour of tacklebox arhitecture, 'OWEN', a new boutique which offers a fusion of emerging designer clothes is about to open in the meatpacking district of new york city. Responding to the inherent nature of the industrial space, approximately 25,000 brown paper bags surface the continuous wall and ceiling plane.

© juliana sohn
Arching overhead, the rows of stacked bags result with a delicate honeycomb pattern which forms a textured partition. Enveloping the space, the installation intends torevitalize the recently lost pastime of in-store shopping, creating a warm atmosphere for shoppers.industrial details are found within the store, maintaining an exposed brick wall.

© juliana sohn
Racks for clothes are formed with blackened steel hang-bars which have been inset into the concrete floor. Accessories and jewelry are displayed upon quartz slab tables and within glass vitrine cases.

© juliana sohn
The crisp lines of the furniture contrast the lightness of the paper arch beyond. 25,000 paper bags line the walls of the store. The repetitious surface of paper bags wraps the walls and ceiling, enveloping visitors.

© juliana sohn
Clean light fixtures contrast the texture of the walls and ceiling. Following the precedent made by the store's industrial shell, blackened steel hang-bars emerge from the concrete floors. The openings of the bags create a delicate honeycomb pattern.

© juliana sohn

new york

Design team:
new york-basedarchitect jeremy barbour of tacklebox arhitecture

juliana sohn




© juliana sohn © juliana sohn © juliana sohn © juliana sohn © juliana sohn


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