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20JAN 2012

Department of Islamic Arts. Louvre Museum / Mario Bellini, Rudy Ricciotti

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“The Cour Visconti will not be covered but will, in fact, remain visible’’: this is the architectural decision declared by the architects Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti in order to achieve a “gentle and non-violent integration” of a decidedly contemporary architectural design within a historical place.

© Musée du Louvre
The collections will be displayed over an area of roughly 3,500 metres square, subdivided into only two levels. The first, at courtyard level, will house works from the 7th to the 10th centuries while the second, in the basement, or rather the “new” ground floor, will exhibit works from the 11th to the 19th centuries along with the prestigious collection of carpets.

© Musée du Louvre
The new museum areas will be covered by an “Iridescent Cloud” which, emanating a diffused glow, will float airily over the museum exhibition space.

© Musée du Louvre
Thanks to this “luminescent covering” it will be possible from inside the new museum area to see the facades of the courtyard outside.

© Musée du Louvre
From inside the exhibition rooms, the visitor will be able to admire the play of folds and undulations in the covering which will add a poetic dimension to the overall effect. Natural light will be diffused by the covering “Veil”, the iridescent skin of which will be treated so as to graduate the intensity and avoid glare.

© Musée du Louvre
In high summer, the level of light in the exhibition spaces will not exceed the lux level required for the proper conservation of the artifacts on display and the comfort of visitors.

© Musée du Louvre
On the lower level, it will be possible to catch a glimpse of the “Veil” from a number of points thanks to openings in the floor above along the perimeter of the courtyard, thus confirming the “Veil” in its role as unifying element between the collections..

© Musée du Louvre

© Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre © Musée du Louvre


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