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01MAR 2012

Eegoo Offices / dEEP Architects

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This is the Eegoo office building.

It’s located in Beijing, China and it has been designed by dEEP Architects.

It was a project for eegoo Culture and it consists of a new office for eegoo featuring a modern and inspiring approach to the traditional design.

The office covers a total floor area of 2300 square meters.

As you might have guessed, this is not just any ordinary office.

It features a very interesting and intriguing interior design, very artistic and with a very striking architecture.

It seems like the architects focused first on form and the function came after that, as a result or as a consequence and adaptation of the first one.

The eegoo office was designed as an open space mainly used for meeting.

It’s a series of open and private areas that are interconnected.

It’s also a space that encourages employees to be creative and to let their imagination run wild.

It’s innovative and creative.

It’s the type of office we used to imagine a few years ago and that can now finally become reality.

The public areas include a café and a library filled with all sorts of materials while the rest of the office is occupied by private offices.

It’s a very intriguing space, with a flowing and inspiring décor.

There is not a well determined delimitation between the public and private areas.

Everything is random and yet organized.




eegoo Culture

Design team:
dEEP Architects



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