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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

16MAY 2016

Tri-Angled Installation / Pharos University

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The project is located at Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt, Faculty of Arts and Design, through Furniture Design 3 course, Code IDF 4102.


The project is based on modular construction units, that were created and assembled together using traditional modeling techniques, creating a vertical lightweight structure.


The unit was constructed of crafts’ sticks reinforced by glue and paper clips to maintain its integrity and stability.


The structural performance factor is based on a double layered construction unit for the base units and single layered unit for the upper lookup of the structure.

Modular system strategies can be used in order to build diverse models of mathematical objects which can be combined from a single form into more complex forms according to the design needs.





Design team:
Course Lecturer & Supervisor: Dr. May Abdelhamid AbdelMalek Ali.
External Tutor & Supervisor: Architect/ Aly Magdy Mohamed Fouad Ibrahim.
Course Instructors: Ahmed Elsherif, Rana Hisham, Mohamed Osama.
Students: Raghda Mohamed Mohamed, Ibrahim Shawky Ibrahim, Esraa El-Abd El-Banna, Alaa Ayman Mohamed, Aya Ashraf Abd El-Hamed, Sally Mohamed Moawen, Sohaib Mohamed Saqr, Abd El-Rhman Mohamed , Ghada Alaa El-Den Mahmoud, Afnan Mabrouk Bahi , Lamis Salah El-Den Ibrahim.
Course: Furniture design 3, Code: IDF 4102.
Location: Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt.


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