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04MAR 2016

Dear Ginza Building / Amano Design Office

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Tokyo-based Amano Design Office was asked to design an eye-catching building that would entice shoppers from Ginza's Central Street to a second shopping street just beyond.

The nine-storey tower accommodates small units that can be used as either offices or shops.


Apart from the glazed ground floor, each storey is concealed behind a double-layer facade that comprises a perforated metal exterior and a clear glass interior.

The architects used computers to generate the faceted aluminium form, then added a floral pattern to soften the appearance.

"In the neighbourhood of mostly modernist architecture with horizontal and vertical or geometric shapes, the building has a proper feeling of strangeness, attracts special attention and has an appeal as a commercial building," they explained.

Lighting installed behind the metal panels is programmed to change colour depending on the season, switching between shades of red, blue and green.


"The facade becomes a part of the interior decoration and obviates the need for window treatments such as blinds or curtains," added the architects.



Design team:
Main use: store building and office building
Lot size: 187.20 sqm
Building area: 155.55 sqm
Total floor space: 1300.02 sqm
Maximum height above rail level: 31.955 m
Structure: steel frame
Number of stairs or stories: nine storeys above ground and one underground story
Main material: aluminium graphic punching metal, extruded cement panel



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