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25MAR 2015

Onepoto Footbridge / Beca Architects

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The Onepoto Footbridge is a shared use bridge for pedestrians and cyclists located in the Onepoto Basin, north of Auckland.

© Beca Architects
“This vision was developed into an architectural form simulating a breaking wave, realised through a series of glue laminated timber rib components. From a sustainable urban design view, the bridge creates interest that encourages pedestrians and cyclists to use it.

© Beca Architects
It also provides comfort for pedestrians and cyclists, separating them from the road.

© Beca Architects
” Beca Architects There is some very nice detailing in this project such as the view shafts notched into some of the timber ribs to allow people passing by to catch glimpses of the surroundings. Lighting has also been set into the concrete path to differentiate between the pedestrian and cyclist sides.

© Beca Architects
I also think the timber ribs also look a bit like a fish or whale skeleton sticking out of the mud amongst the surrounding mangroves..

© Beca Architects


© Beca Architects © Beca Architects © Beca Architects © Beca Architects © Beca Architects


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