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11OCT 2014

UNBOXED / Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio

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Building a house with load bearing walls, like a house made of timber XLam panels, means to build a "box". This assumption is dealt as a valuable resource rather than as a limit and, despite this, the project aims to go beyond the box itself, to overcome the inherent limitations: Un-boxed in fact.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
The high standardization of the modules and their total prefabrication, allow to easily study various solutions: there are shown four examples, generated from different space requirements. This goal is achieved by splitting the building in accordance with the basic structural elements (floors, walls, windows, gutters, etc..), Designed to be mounted completely finished, with exterior and interior finishes and free of thermal bridges.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
This type of approach opens to interesting industrial solutions for the production in series and, then, for the reduction of costs. Even the carved panels with CNC machines, whose particular inclination is designed to shade the house properly during the summer season, offer the possibility to be customized according to the tastes of the customer (in this case four base patterns are proposed). All the solutions studied, and in particular the 100 sq version, with a clear division between the living area and sleeping area, where the visual and sensory relationship with the natural environment is enhanced both by the large windows of the modules, and the corridor / glazed entrance: a real passage in the nature, able to re-establish the contact with the surrounding environment (and the flow of time) at each passage between the two areas of the house. The attention to the aspects of eco-sustainability of the house are not treated as simple slogan.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
The house is built with materials that make it 100% recyclable. It is also completely removable - therefore moved - thanks to an innovative foundation made of steel, which allows you to reduce or eliminate the excavation (depending on the nature of the soil). The foundation allows isolating the house from the soil moisture and to place a good part of the systems inside. Above, a low inclination roof (5%) allows the installation of solar roof tiles (see Tegosolar technology), capable of producing electricity and heat.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
Despite the attention paid to the study of solutions to reduce the cost of construction, it is clear the intention of designing a house with a top architectural value. This intention is reflected in the interior design of the house, where tailored furnitures are combined with other industrially produced, demonstrating the high potential of this type of houses, if properly designed with attention to detail, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The motto "Unboxed" symbolically guides the design of the living area. A large fitted wall becomes the heart of the life of the house: the fireplace (a modern bio fireplace) dominates the central perspective of the living area both from the kitchen / dining area and the living room; from each point is possible sighting over it towards the opposite side of the room and, again, to the outside through the windows seamlessly.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
The sleeping area has two bedrooms, one double and one twin, and a bathroom. All rooms are connected by a hallway. The master bedroom is essential but refined, thanks to the presence of a full-height warm wooden boiserie that hides two flush doors: one is the entrance to the room and the other is the entrance to the walk-in closet behind. The proposed solution is specifically designed for the Mediterranean area, where this type of construction has not yet realized its potential as a valid alternative to masonry or frame structure buildings.

© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio
However, the box of walls represents the compositional-constructive basic theme of 99% of the homes of the architectural heritage of the Mediterranean and, therefore, "Unboxed" is the wooden transposition of the characters typical of the Mediterranean home, made evident by the choice of the dominant colour of the house itself (white), the relationship with the sunlight and the dialogue with the surrounding nature..


© Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio © Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio © Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio © Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio © Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio © Micaela Colella - Maurizio Barberio


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