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23OCT 2013

Intelligent panels / by Liviu Paicu

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The following video showcases a new type of interactive panel design created by Liviu Paicu. The idea behind the panels was developed during his research for a new durable building typology for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition. The concept was to create a building that would act as a living organism that can sustain itself and in the same time help the environment. As an adept of artificial morphogenesis he started by searching for similar examples that come forth in the fauna and flora. His research brought him in the end to the photosynthesis process. He decided to develop a building that would act in the same way as a flower.

This decision is reflected directly on the design of the outer shell of the building. The panels that compose the buildings final layer are designed in such a way that they react to the suns heat radiation without any mechanical or electrical help. The panels are designed with a circular aperture, in the middle. The size of the orifice is dependable on the air temperature and heat radiation. If heated the material dilates and thus the aperture becomes smaller in radius and if the material gets cold it contracts and thus increasing the radius..


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