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21JUN 2013

Colombia University : Christos Constantinou / Smart skin for sustainable dwelling

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This project was developed during an international parametric design workshop in Torino, Italy and it was a collaborative design effort consisting of two American and two Italian students.

© Christos Constantinou
It engages the problems raised by our rapid pace of urbanization and the ecological impact of our built environment, using two main drivers: the evolving of digital technologies, and the growing of ecological awareness, to develop a new facade strategy, a "smart skin". This skin explores the "envelope" as a mean to capture, transform, store and distribute various energetic flows to maintain a stable internal environment appropriate for housing in the city of Torino.

© Christos Constantinou
Through the study of countercurrent heat exchange in dolphins a physiological skin was developed for an apartment complex at Corso Regio Parco.

© Christos Constantinou
By utilizing parallel flows of air and water, heat can be exchanged in order to mitigate the environmental extremes occurring between the exterior and interior of the building.

© Christos Constantinou
The new façade was developed in a modulate system that initially utilized a rectangular tiling pattern. With the evolution of the module it became a hexagonal tile that can be patterned either regularly or irregularly to produce interlacing geometries.

© Christos Constantinou
Besides the geometry the new façade creates a privacy barrier around the public side of the building which faces the street.

© Christos Constantinou
By utilizing a bubbled form on the building the new façade creates and interstitial public space folded between the two layers.

© Christos Constantinou
The skin also creates both solar and wind protection while providing public space and a privacy barrier..

© Christos Constantinou

Design team:
Christos Constantinou



© Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou © Christos Constantinou


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