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23DEC 2012

MAGLAB WORKSHOP "XOtech Emotion" / Ain Shams University2013

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Egypt on February 02 until February 10 2013. XOTech EMotion is a cutting-edge Workshop in Academia worldwide focusing exclusively on novel approaches to the [Architecture] emerging practice. XOTech is an exploration around responsive skin design as an expression of a multiplicity of conditions (Environment, structural, material, formal, cultural, spatial) and the mean by which multiple issues (such as modulation, differentiation and cultural expression) are deployed. The workshop asks how material behavior can be introduced into architectural design and which consequences this has on design. The workshop focuses on the behavior of material in larger arrays and how one can design and steer these. The workshop is structured in theoretical lectures, seminars on necessary digital tools and practical work during, which students will explore around and apply the concepts and strategies explained throughout physical responsive real scale prototype.The main objective is to extract the information from the research and experiments on the materials behavior and kinetic systems as input in order to generate a new 3D responsive Skin as output.

Aim of the workshop is to focus on the performative skin conditions in nature, environment and architecture as a synthetic expression of elegance, performative efficiency, modulation through differentiation and cultural values. The Egypt Choice and Experience:The workshop will provide foreign participants a chance to discover the mother of the world with a professional vision through its architecture and culture. It will provide a unique opportunity to visit the most famous architectural buildings, exhibitions, studios and more. At the end of the workshop each participant will receive an official certificate of participation signed officially by Ain Shams University / Faculty of Architecture and the related workshop collaborators universities and associations. The Workshop applications are online and close on 10 January 2013..

Design team:

Ain Shams University / Department of Architecture


MAG LAB (Materials , Advanced Architecture , Generative Laboratory) Barcelona – Spain / Damascus – Syria


M.Arch. Aref Maksoud “Escuela De’Arquitectura EsArq_UiC International University of Catalonia.”
Visitor Professor at AIU “Arab International University”.
Director of MAG LAB, Syria – Spain – Italy (Materials-Advanced Architecture-generative Laboratory) Authorized training center of McNeel Europe and Middle East (Barcelona – Spain) through ITS affiliate offices. Studio manager at MAG “Maksoud Architectural Group”


Main Tutors:

- Dr. Sherif Morad

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Ain Shams University

Adjunct Faculty, American University in Cairo (AUC)

- Arch.Ahmed Eid Rihan

Teaching Assistant, Department of Architecture, Future University in Egypt (FUE)

Guest Lecturers:

- Dr. Ahmed Mito
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Ain Shams University

Adjunct Faculty, American University in Cairo (AUC)

Principal, Mito Architects

- Arch. Mazin AbdulKarim

Instructor, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Principal, Contrast Designs.

- Arch. Kareem Hammouda

Instructor, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Principal, Contrast Designs.

- Arch. Engy Habib

Teaching Assistant, Department of Architecture, Ain Shams University.
- Arch.Jawad Al Assaad
Assistant Professor in the Design Section / faculty of Architecture – Damascus University.
Researcher in Urban Design and Landscapes / Faculty of Architecture of Damascus University.MAG LAB Coordinator.

- Arch.Shady A.Azeem

Faculty of engineering / Ain Shams University.
Coordinator and Teaching Assistant at the collaborative workshop.

Photography – Graphic Design:

Ahmad Kattan : Arab International University “MAGLAB Trainee 2012 -2013”

Media Partner:

Arch2o www.arch2o.com

Supported by:

McNeel (Robert McNeel& Associates– United States) in Middle East and Europe www.rhino3d.com
Media collaborators:

Style magazine http://www.style-magazine.com.ge

Ibdaat Magazine (Damascus, Syria – www.ibdaat-sy.com)

RECity Magazine / Italy www.recitymagazine.com


Ibdaat Magazine (Damascus, Syria – www.ibdaat-sy.com)



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