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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

12DEC 2012

Responsive Skins Workshop / MAGLAB at AIU”Arab International University”

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Brief: The workshop asks how material behavior can be introduced into architectural design and which consequences this has on design.

The workshop focused on the behavior of material in larger arrays and how one can design and steer these.


The topic was scrutinized under different points of view (biology, mathematics, art) to end up in an architectural expression.

The workshop was structured in theoretical lectures, seminars on necessary digital tools and practical work during, which students explored around and apply the concepts and strategies explained throughout physical responsive real scale prototype.

The workshop supported with contemporary tools (digital fabrication) and technology (associative environments) which provided a strategic means for navigating the multitude of forces at play, while the prototype served as the activating link between material research and design innovation.


Workshop approach Knowing about the complexity of materials and the limitations in their behavior, we started our investigation with processes of physical modeling.

These ‘Material Probes’ was a key means for directly identifying and gaining knowledge of material properties and behaviors.


We then investigated how folding and origami with the supports of parametric tools can be supported the encoding and activation these performances to inform and even drive geometric design models.

Methodology: This workshop progressed through a series of focused strategies beginning with material behavior testing, followed by the development of prototypes, and arriving at aggregations of a single topological type.

Each prototype created by simple operations, with the supporting of folding and origami experiments, kinetic designs, undertaken through a specific disposition, and evaluated for performative potentials.



Design team:
Workshop Organization:
- AIU”Arab International University”

- MAGLAB, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates– United States) in Middle East,
Visitor LAB of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design at AIU "Arab International University", Syria
Assistant LAB of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq - UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain
McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates– United States)

Workshop Media Partner:
Media partner RECity Magazine / Italy “www.recitymagazine.com”
Ibdaat Magazine / Damascus – Syria www.ibdaat-sy.com
Arch2o www.arch2o.com

. Workshop director and tutor:
. MArch.Aref Maksoud
MAGLAB Director, Visitor professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design
AIU "Arab International University", Syria.
Assistant professor of Biodigital Master and PHD program,
EsArq - UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain.

. Guest lecturers and professors within the workshop:
Dr.Prof. Mohammad Yasser al Aioubi
Head of industrial design department in AIU"Arab International University"
PhD. In Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Advanced Engineering in Automated production Systems) University of Birmingham, and Oxford, UK
MSc. in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, University of Birmingham, and Oxford, UK


Yamen Jawish
Ghiath Akkad
Manar Saqbani
Lara Al-beik
Sara A Mawla Basha
Mazen Freih
Mohamad Alkhateeb
Roro Liberté
Ola Harb
Maha Ali


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