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23MAY 2012

Serbia: Mikser festival 2012 / Savamala_Beograd

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MIKSER is a multidisciplinary platform which centres around the affirmation of cultural industry of the Balkans and the organization of the biggest regional festival of creative arts. It is well known that with the development of explosive projects such as MIKSER, there is a difficulty in avoiding its premature fruition, and with it an eventual entry into the framework of the predictable, a loss of freshness, a relaxation of a lulled management which easily slips into the paradigm of that which it originally fought against.

© Mikser festival 2012
It seems certain that continuous searching and ceaseless challenges are the only way with which the vigour and strength of an enterprise can be preserved, and that is exactly what MIKSER has done with its choice of Savamala as its future festival location. Or at least, it’s firmly convinced that it has! The symbiosis of Savamala and Mikser festival is reflected in the concept of the programme – we are departing from the divisions according to zones.

© Mikser festival 2012
The program consists of a web of individual, interdisciplinary artist/curator projects, and each project consists of more than one segment: an exhibition, lectures, workshops and concerts. The festival has always promoted young creative, parallel to established guests from Serbia and the rest of the world.

In 2012, the festival intensifies the promotion of young people, with a string of open competitions from the field of architecture, design, music, visual arts (Ghost Project & YBD: GET REAL!, Urban Bundle/City Gatherings, Garage Roll Call..

.), as well as open workshops, lectures, debates and a creation of new site-specific creations.

© Mikser festival 2012

Savamala, Belgrade, Serbia

Design team:
Eligible participants Architects, Designers, Artists, Town and country planners/Environment planners, Landscape architects, Town planners, Students (general), Other sector planners

Work in progress



© Mikser festival 2012 © Mikser festival 2012 © © © Mikser festival 2012


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