07MAY 2012

Rainbow Gateway – Digital Fabrication / Tonkin Liu

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Burnley was the first place in the UK to record its rainfall.

© Tonkin Liu
Pivotal to its industrial past, the rain filled the rivers, the rivers powered the first mills, the moist air kept the cotton supple for weaving.

© Tonkin Liu
After the decline of the mills, the Burnley region developed into a centre for precision engineering and advanced manufacturing.

© Tonkin Liu
Three gateways welcome people from three directions, where three routes converge.

© Tonkin Liu
The rain drums on the thin steel roof as it channels into the ground, while 133 prisms capture sunlight and array it in a full colour spectrum on the ground.

© Tonkin Liu
At night, the prisms are lit from below, casting rainbows into the mist. The bow of a rainbow is the most simple and dynamic natural geometry, structurally efficient due to its curvature.

© Tonkin Liu
The pioneering structural principles of Shell Lace now sit in front of the college in Burnley, where future designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs are nurtured.

© Tonkin Liu
After the rain comes the rainbow, a fitting symbol for optimism, regeneration and learning in Burnley.

© Tonkin Liu

© Tonkin Liu

Design team:
Architects Tonkin Liu
Client Burnley Borough Council
Location Burnley, UK
Budget £ 121,000
Structural Engineer Ed Clarke, Arup
Fabrication Mike Smith Studio
Completion December 2011
Exhibitions Royal Academy


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