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Bart Hess (1984) explores several fields combining material studies, animation and photography. Bart has a very personal and recognizable signature. With his designs he is able to use new and existing materials in a very innovative way and he seems to tap into new worlds. His work is of international stature, he finds and creates its own stage and international collaborations with prestigious names such as Lady Gaga, Palais de Tokyo, Iris van Herpen and Nick Knight. With his work he obtained an independent position in the (fashion) world.

27MAR 2012

Mutants / Bart Hess

Posted in Design - Fashion by Bart Hess

The STRP mutants were designed by Bart Hess together with Heyheyhey for the 2011 STRP Art & Technology Festival campaign.

© Bart Hess
The mutants evolved around the idea of transformation.

© Bart Hess
They visualize movement and the ever changing boundaries between the different disciplines: art, music and technology.

© Bart Hess
STRP Festival is one of the largest indoor art & technology festivals in Europe, that fuses music art and technology.

© Bart Hess
The multidisicplinary program is a mix of a 360- degree experience with adventure which appeal to a wide audience. At STRP there are projects of young game designers next to major works from the international art circuit and experimental live cinema next to succesfol pop artists and DJs.

© Bart Hess
At STRP you find interactive art, light art, robotics, concerts, DJs, theatrical and dance performances, experimental music, interviews, discussion, live cinema, films, lectures, video art, animation and workshops.

© Bart Hess

© Bart Hess

Design team:
Bart Hess,Heyheyhey




© Bart Hess © Bart Hess © Bart Hess © Bart Hess © Bart Hess © Bart Hess © Bart Hess


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