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Born in La Jolla, California in 1970, Tom Wiscombe is a licensed architect living in Los Angeles. He is founder and principal of Tom Wiscombe Design, an internationally recognized design office operating at the forefront of contemporary design.

04APR 2012

Deep Surface Prototype / Tom Wiscombe Design

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This prototype is a part of continuing experimentation into surface-to-volume aesthetics and composite materiality.

© Tom Wiscombe Design
The goal was to maximize volume effects out of superthin, finely articulated surfaces in manifold configurations. The depth effect is enhanced by way of polcarbonate apertures which allow views of deep, nested spaces which are in fact part of the same manifold.

© Tom Wiscombe Design
A dual pattern language, from spotted to striped, is used to emphasize the transformation from areas of flatness to areas of volume.

© Tom Wiscombe Design
The spots are thinfilm solar and the stripes and lacy sub-striping are Organic LED (OLED) film which glows. These two systems are embedded into the composite layup, interlaced with the substrate as well as with each other.

© Tom Wiscombe Design
The piece is an open-ended proto-architecture which has potential applications in facade construction and architectural lighting, as well as building-scale massing and surface effects..

© Tom Wiscombe Design

Los Angeles

Design team:
Tom Wiscombe
Mitch Rocheleau
Dave Stamatis



© Tom Wiscombe Design © Tom Wiscombe Design © Tom Wiscombe Design © Tom Wiscombe Design © Tom Wiscombe Design


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