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FORMAKERS will take advantage of the "digital fabrication REvolution". We publish projects of urban design/ architectural research/ fashion design/ 3d print/ parametric design / architecture model /photography and much more.FORMAKERS invites architects, designers, artists, students, scientists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore, research and investigate new design paradigms and urban visions.

13MAR 2014

20-27 April 2014 - new technologies at work / workshop: Architecture in fashion

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“Architecture in fashion” is a computational design workshop organized by the private initiative Parametrica [digi fab school], 20-27 April 2014 in Bucharest, Romania Fashion or architecture, both fields are visually responsible for people self-expression. Shoe or jewelry design, 3D printed or laser cut dresses, these are some examples of the latest experiments at the barrier between architecture and fashion, where technology meets design. Great names like Rem D Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid or Francis Bitonti, the latest created a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese, the famous burlesque dancer, are just a few from the so many interested in using new technologies in the design process. “Architecture in fashion”, the international workshop, 20-27 April 2014 After almost two years from the 1st edition of Architecture in Fashion and a 2nd International workshop (held in Iran), the 3rd edition of this event goes further and the low tech fabrication will be digitalized and elaborated using specialized software.

© workshop: Architecture in fashion
This edition purpose is to prepare and familiarize the participants with the process of creating fashion items using architectural digital instruments. The workshop addresses to everybody interested or curious and has a background in architecture, interior design, furniture design, product design, fashion design, scenography and engineering. 8 days of parametric modeling and prototyping In the 8-Day workshop agenda, with classes from 9am to 6pm, the participants will explore topics such as computational geometry, growth algorithm, approaching 2D to 3D techniques, 3D printing and process into design. “Architecture in fashion” starts with a 3-Day intensive Course Module, from 20 to 22 April, regarding basic knowledge in parametric design. The participants will learn Rhinoceros & Grasshopper Level 1, while they will experiment plug-ins like Kangaroo, Weaver Bird, Lunch box, Ghowl, Geco. Entering the second part of the event, a period of 5 days of practice, the participants will work in groups with the purpose of developing their own prototypes crossing through different stages.

© workshop: Architecture in fashion
First stage is the low-tech fabrication, necessary for a greater understanding of materials and assembly methods. The second stage is digital fabrication, where the participants will use software visualizing tools such as Rhinoceros and the algorithmic plug-in Grasshopper. The final stage, where the group-projects achieved the target of development will move to the fabrication part. Here they will use techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting to design their final prototypes, which will be exhibited afterwards. The participants can experiment during classes with a 3D printer from Robofun, the Romanian 3D printer producer. For classes the used materials are paper, cardboard, felt, leather, plexiglas, hips, polystyrene, ABS.

© workshop: Architecture in fashion
Tutors The tutors have a great experience in delivering workshops exploring the computational design. The hosts for this 3rd edition are: Arian Hakimi Nejad, MUrb. Arch IaaC-UPC Barcelona, tutor Parametrica [digi fab school], Architect Zaha Hadid Architects and Diana Nitreanu - MUrb. Arch IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Official Trainer Rhino, Co-founder Laboratorul de Arhitectura and Parametrica. Attendance & fees costs Prices differ according to the package you choose. The packages address to students and postgraduates, both Romanian and International.

© workshop: Architecture in fashion
One can have the option to choose the course module, workshop or full pass. There are discounted prices for the Early birds, until 15st of March..

Design team:
To book your seat or to find more info enter www.architectureinfashion.ro/register or write at office@parametrica.ro.

Parametrica [digi fab school] is a private educational initiative started in 2012 in Bucharest, Romania. Since then, the school developed a series of concept-event and workshops with the purpose of promoting the applications of computational design. Well-known specialists in architecture and parametric design like Patrik Schumacher, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Theodore Spyropoulos, Director of Design Research Lab from AA London or Santiago Martin, Co-founder Vortica [Cognitive Engineer for Design] and many others where tutors or speakers in Parametrica events.



© workshop: Architecture in fashion © workshop: Architecture in fashion © workshop: Architecture in fashion © workshop: Architecture in fashion


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