Rohan Mishra

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Zero Energy Design Lab

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New Delhi


ZED Lab design studio is determined to create exceptional, comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces with a positive environmental impact. It was founded in 2010. Our diverse educational backgrounds, with ten years of combined international experience at U.K and New Zealand, helped in reinterpreting the Indian vernacular architecture and develop ideas which are more relevant to the present time & techniques. We believe in designing remarkable architecture that can simultaneously enhance human experience and minimize resource use. To us, sustainability is not separate from design, but an indispensable component that enhances the experience of the built environment. We are vision facilitators, idea generators, and design integrators. The team is not just experts in basic physical principles; their creativity enables the collaboration necessary to develop deeply integrated comfort and energy concepts. Our vision is ever-growing with simulation models, custom software, tailored engineering analysis, and physical experiments used to develop and validate these ideas.



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