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21FEB 2012

Hanging Hotel / Margot Krasojevic

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Commissioned by Holden Manz & FOCUS gallery in Cape Town, the Hanging Hotel by Margot Krasojevic investigates the spatial and optical conditions of rock climbing.

© Margot Krasojevic
Partly embedded in a vertical rock face in Massif de L'Esterel, South France, aesthetically organic pods provide resting spaces and view points to rock climbers on their journeys up the vertiginously high rock face. "The hanging platforms offer a rest for rock climbers, a pause enabling them to enjoy the views and environment for a longer period before setting off on their journey once more.

© Margot Krasojevic
The surfaces are partly embedded partly protruding from the existing rock face structure. A grid of borehole foundations injected into the rock face expand into the existing granite, clamping the main body of the structure into the façade.

© Margot Krasojevic
The hanging hotel creates a serious of polarised glass spaces which protect the climber from glare reflecting light in an uniform direction creating an illusion that the sun is in a lower position than it is and therefore negating glare, Uvb light rays are reduced by using holographic filtered compound glass, this reduces the number and types of wavelengths entering the spaces which in turn reduces the harmful uVb rays, the holographic filters split the white light with a prism affect, the filters are removable and this effect can be taken advantage of. This hi tech prism louver system almost completely reflects direct incident light, but admits diffuse zenith light.

© Margot Krasojevic
The dismountable concave reflection louvers wrap themselves round the pods acting as partly a shading system, they also heighten the experience and the view, a filter that allows to choreograph the view as it is in all its reality but whereby mirages and misleading illusions, at these altitudes, are controlled and edited by these pods creating clear and real images of the immediate environment, alternatively, the pods choreograph a heightened yet dislocated relationship with the real perception of existing views, an alternate reality by using the prismatic optical elements which divide colour with changing viewing points.".

© Margot Krasojevic

Massif de L'Esterel

Holden Manz & FOCUS gallery in Cape Town

Design team:
Margot Krasojevic




© Margot Krasojevic © Margot Krasojevic © Margot Krasojevic © Margot Krasojevic © Margot Krasojevic


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